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hiking experience in santorini greece

Explore Santorini hiking paths

Hiking is one of the best adventure experience in Santorini!

The world is changing rapidly and with the widespread development in every field, the daily pressure felt by us in our work is also increasing. We are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing world and are also looking hopelessly for some avenue to find a break from our monotonous daily lives and look for some kind of refreshment that can rejuvenate our senses.

As you might have guessed, the best way to get a break from our stressful and monotonous lives is to break free from our day-to-day duties and take a break or vacation in nature, so that our senses are cleared and we get back the fresh perspective on our lives. Keeping aside the emotional side, it is also true that vacations are a necessity to keep our bodies healthy and they are even more useful if the vacations are aimed at bringing us closer to nature.

The best way to get closer to nature while on a vacation is to take a hiking trip to somewhere beautiful. Our body needs to get in touch with nature occasionally. And as we all know very well that we have been so much caught up in the daily whirlwind of our jobs, that we seldom get the chance to appreciate nature’s beauty and let our body soak in all the natural positive energy surrounding us.

Hiking in Santorini

santorini hiking paths

Whenever we start to talk about hiking, the most obvious name that pops in our heads is the beautiful Santorini. Located along the Aegean, this hiking spot is the best option for anyone looking for a taste of nature and adventure rolled into one. Also, the scenery is breathtaking and we can experience nature in its true glory on this trip. The adventure is truly magnificent.

But hiking is not everyone’s area of expertise and is very much different from normal road trips, as they require intense planning and preparation to ensure that we can successfully and safely complete the trip. But there is always a first for everything and hiking is no different, so it can very easily be the case that you are a first-timer who wants to go on hiking. So you need to be prepared. The necessary preparations are not very difficult to know thanks to the internet, and the main question that is left to consider is what the best Santorini hiking paths are.

The best Santorini hiking paths

the best santorini hiking paths

The main necessity of a good and successful hiking trip is the location or the hiking path along with the obvious preparation and planning. The best hiking paths for Santorini are given below and regardless of whatever path you choose, the experience is always going to be the best once you go hiking on Santorini.

1. Thirasia
The preference of every person is different and varied. You might be interested in taking a hiking trip, but also want to avoid the tourist bustle and traffic. If you want a little deserted feel to ensure that you get the raw and natural experience of the Santorini, then the hiking path of Thirasia is the best for you.

Thirasia is the island neighbor of Santorini and is located very near to the main island. The island is mostly deserted except for the small local communities, but with all the natural beauty elements of Santorini. As this island is deserted, it is also free from the bustle of heavy tourists and traffic, so it offers an unaltered experience of the nature of Santorini.

The hiking path is not very difficult to find as it is a simple hill climb from the base of the island. The higher you climb through the rocky surface, the more breathtaking the view becomes of the Santorini across the deep blue hue of the Caldera. There are numerous ferries to take you to the base of the island and hence there is no matter of extra cost or being too expensive for a more refined hiking experience. The climb can be a bit difficult at some places, but the view is worth the climb.

2. Fira to Oia
This is the most popular hiking path across the Santorini, and rightfully so because of the amazing landscape through which the hiking path winds around makes for a breathtaking and once-in-a-lifetime experience. The starting point of the hike is at the beautiful port of Fira and takes an unforgettable path to the picturesque Oia that is present at the tip of Santorini.

This is also a very popular tourist spot, so at the start of the hike you are very much probable to find yourself surrounded by others. However, they are only there to see the historical sights that are plenty. So even if you start with a group of tourists, you will soon find yourself apart from all of them the chances are high that the tourists will stay with you up to the Church of Saint Gerasimos. After that point, the tourist crowd thins out and you are free to enjoy the raw beauty of the Santorini up to the beautiful Oia.

3. Nea Kameni volcano and hot springs
This is another beautiful place to visit and this also starts from the port of Fira. This is one of the most exciting hikes to do in Santorini. Just take a breathtaking boat ride across the blue Caldera up to the Nea Kameni volcano.

The climb is a little hard and requires some extent of stamina and energy to get to the edge of the dormant volcano. There are numerous steam vents and you can feel the heat emanating from the sulfurous grounds. The numerous hot springs are worth the visit. The climb is worth the effort as the view that you are going to get is going to be simply phenomenal.

In conclusion, all we can just say that there is a whole lot of beautiful nature out there that is waiting to be explored, and you just need to pack your bags and get out there to experience nature. Check out our luxury suites and rooms in Santorini and book your next trip in one of the best boutique hotel in Santorini!

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