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Santorini Sunset: Should be on top of your Bucket List

Santorini Sunset: Should be on top of your Bucket List

What can one write about the Santorini sunset that will truly capture the beauty of it? Santorini sunset is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions on the island. People arrive in Santorini from all over the world, just to witness this sunset and take a million photos of this site. What makes this particular sunset so special though? Is it the location? The island’s special vibe? Or is it simply well-advertised? Let’s take a look at this truly amazing sightseeing and explore the reasons behind its popularity.

Wondering which is the best time to visit Santorini and enjoy all these beauties? Santorini is great all the year – even in Winter!

Santorini sunset: The origin story

sunset at fira Santorini

Santorini was a humble Greek island, with no particular tourism. Natives relied on agricultural products and livestock to live on the island. It was not until the 1970s when the rest of the world started noticing this bizarre and mesmerizing place, along with Santorini sunset, making them want to come back over and over again, especially during summer months.

It was not hard to notice the reason behind this mass movement towards Santorini. The imposingly volcano, the truly one-of-a-kind beaches, and the island’s unique morphology enchanted each visitor. But when the afternoon came, magical colors filled the sky and unprecedented energy was belched all around. The sun was descending into the deep, blue Aegean waters leaving behind mesmerized people, along with their much-needed cameras.

Word came out, photos of this traveled all over the world and people learned about the beauty of Santorini sunset. But photos were not enough. They knew they had to see it from up close.

Oia Santorini sunset

The most advantageous spot to admire the Santorini sunset is at Oia. The whitewashed pebble stones all around are the perfect spot to sit, with your loved one and take it all in. Of course, Oia Santorini sunset is the most crowded place at the time of the sunset – but one magical thing happens. Everyone stays silent and watches as the sun slips into the arms of the archipelago. If you stay too quiet, perhaps you can even hear it!

There are two amazing spots to admire the Oia Santorini sunset. The most popular one is the Oia Castle, where you can also have a stunning view of the traditional windmills on the edge of the caldera. However, if this spot is too crowded for you, you can go early to the location known as the Three Blue Domes of Santorini. Find your ideal place at a nearby terrace, use a crowfoot for your camera and enjoy the view!

Santorini sunset: the reason behind its magnetic beauty

Sunset at Akrotiri
Sunset at Akrotiri

Have you ever wondered why is it so special for human beings to look at a sunset? Well, some people have described the sentiment behind this action and it is surely making much more sense. Apart from the fact that the Santorini sunset is simply beautiful to watch, there is something about it that gives people hope. Every sunset is a promise for a new beginning. Each sunset comes before a new sunrise.

Sunset also reminds you that nothing stays forever, so this is the best moment to appreciate everything you have and hold these memories forever (don’t you dare forget your camera!).

Santorini sunset time

After Sunset sky effects
After Sunset sky effects

Once you are in Santorini you probably want to make the most of it. That means organizing your days properly so you don’t miss a thing. If you are at a beach and you want to know what time to get back for the Oia Santorini sunset, then you should search for it, online. Many apps will tell you exactly what time you should be there. Hint: try to be there a little earlier so that you can have the best spot and perhaps even order a cool, refreshing beverage for you and your significant other. This is without a doubt the ultimate romantic experience!

Santorini sunset cruise

Who said you have to be on the island to enjoy Santorini sunset? There is of course the ideal Santorini sunset cruise for you to enjoy the view while cruising around the island. Nothing better to end your day at the beach, than taking your private – or not – boat and sail towards this amazing sunset view. There is also availability for a Santorini sunset cruise that can offer you a romantic dinner at the sailing boat, while the sun keeps you company for a few minutes before the starlit sky takes its place.

We, at Eternity Suites – a luxury hotel in Santorini Fira, can search for the ideal Santorini sunset cruise for you, depending on your desire. We can provide you with all the information you need, plus extra tips for the island, that you will find nowhere else! Our solemn desire is to have the best adventure in Santorini and leave with the most precious memories.

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