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best time to visit santorini

Best time to visit Santorini

Choosing the right time to visit a wonderful place, like Santorini!

We all love to vacations and we all want it to be perfect. Our daily lives are getting more and more stressful with each passing day and that leaves us with no room to breathe. The only opportunity to freshen our minds comes with the vacations that we take.

Whether it’s a family trip or a solo trip, we always spend extensive hours in the planning and finalizing the details of the trip. We carefully map out the budget and do extensive research on the place and book the best luxury hotel in Santorini and hire the best tour guides.

The bottom line being, we pull out all the stops to make sure that we have the time of our lives on our vacation. But after all this hard work and time, the whole trip can go to waste just because of one thing and that is the wrong time to visit.

Every place has its specialty and so there is a right time to visit every place like it’s best to visit a beach during summer and not during the winter. So whenever we plan a trip it’s important to know the best time to visit that place.

Best time to visit Santorini

best season to visit island of santorini

Santorini is one of the best places to spend your vacation in and so if you are planning to visit Santorini then it’s crucial that you also determine the best time to visit Santorini otherwise it will be just a waste of money and time and you won’t be able to enjoy your vacations as well.

Statistically speaking the best time to visit Santorini is during the spring or autumn, mainly due to lower tourist numbers during these seasons. This is a non-holiday time, so the number of tourists is less. You might also find difficult to get leave during this time, but if you can manage it somehow, then it’s the best time to experience Santorini.
The weather is just perfect for tours and exploring the beaches. The heat is not that high and just perfect for you to take strolls along the beach and enjoy the nightlife of the island. The skies are clear and the blue of the Caldera makes the landscape pop like a beautiful canvas painting.

Visiting in the spring or early summer (April and May)

This is the time for just the perfect warm-weather you want to go to beaches. The climate is not too hot for being uncomfortable and not too cold for feeling uneasy on the beaches. Also, this time is termed as a low time for the Santorini tourism and hence with a little searching, you can grab some of the best deals for a perfect vacation in Santorini at a criminally low price and avail some of the highest quality staying experience.

The weather is just the perfect one for regular beach trips and getting to wear your fancy t-shirts on the beach. Not just the staying, but the flight and the travel costs are also extensively lower during this period so you can plan the perfect holiday at a relatively lower price.

The only downside of visiting Santorini during this time is the unpredictable weather. Although it remains sunny throughout this period, there can be some occasional downpours as the weather remains a little unpredictable during this period and it can play a major spoilsport for your trip.

When you enter the month of May, the hot weather starts to kick in but it’s also a great time for the sea to start warming up and if you don’t mind a little hot weather then this is the perfect time for you to take swims and a bath in the ocean.

You might feel a little hot, but this is the perfect time to explore the islands and experience the rustic old-world charm that is always associated with Santorini. The only downside of this period is that the sea despite starting to get warm may still be cold enough for some people to swim in. So make sure you are comfortable with the temperature before finalizing your trip.

Visiting at the beginning of Autumn (September or October)

This is another window during which the tourists are relatively much lesser in number and the rush of the mid-year has just ended. You can almost feel the sigh of relief after the heavy holiday season that has been completed just in the previous months.

This is the perfect time for you to avail of the late summer heat and sun and also make use of the warmth to take a swim in the sea and get that nice tan on the beach. The number of tourists is considerably less than the peak seasons and hence you can avail pretty massive discounts on the travel fares and hotel prices, even with a little poking around you can avail of some premium resorts at very low prices.

The only downside during this period is to look out for some sporadic holiday periods and avoid any kind of crossing over with them as they tend to create an occasional rise in the prices. However, this is the perfect time to beat the holiday rush as well as to enjoy the warm sea.

The month of October provides for considerably less crowd and even higher discounts on hotel and tourism prices. So this is the perfect time to plan your vacation if you are on a very strict budget and want to make the most out of it.
The only downside to this period is that the temperature of the ocean starts to take a plunge and it may be a little less warm for the comfort of swimming. The ocean temperature gets unpredictable during this time and that can be a discomfort for most of the people.


So we can conclude that spring and autumn are the best periods to visit Santorini on a tight budget and enjoy its beauty all the while avoiding the heavy bustle of the traffic of normal tourists. These are the perfect seasons for you to enjoy the true beauty of Santorini in a peaceful environment.

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