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Santorini: The most wonderful island in the world!

Santorini: The most wonderful island in the world!

Do you know why the islands are so special and famous? The white sandy beaches make people more relaxed and comfortable. That is the main reason why working people always prefer the islands as their vacation spots.

Not only are there white sandy beaches, but there are so many beautiful sights that catch everyone’s attention. But there is one major problem and that is deciding which island to visit for our vacations because most of them are beautiful and famous.

Santorini is one of the most wonderful, beautiful and famous islands situated in Greece. This island is famous for its amazing and magical sunsets that make everyone’s mornings beautiful and full of energy and we can say that this sunset is one of the best sunsets in the whole world.

If a tourist wants to enjoy this spectacular sunset, then one of the best places in town is Oia for full enjoyment and also for fun. Santorini consists of black, red and white sands with clean water, which increases the exceptional beauty and ambience of the island.

This island is famous for diving, wakeboarding, jet ski parasailing, banana boating and water skiing. Tourists can have so much fun with all of these exciting facilities.

Santorini can also be considered as one of the most colorful cities in the world because there are many beautiful whitewashed buildings lining the cliffs there. It is really a visual treat for visitors. One of the most photographed locations in the world is Oia.

santorini cliffs
Aegean sea view!

There are also some other highlights there too, like ancient Thira, Akrotiri Archaeological Site, etc.

If someone is going to compare each and every island present in Greece then Santorini is one of the most famous and beautiful out of all of them. As per U.S. News and others, Santorini is considered not only the top island in Greece but in the whole world.

If you want to travel somewhere on vacation, then Santorini is one of the best options as compared to all the others. There are also many volcanic activities which show that it has a very unique geography. Santorini is surrounded by beach sand and cliff soil. Santorini’s history shows that a volcano happened during the Bronze Age.

Before that volcano happened, researchers are of the opinion that this island was occupied by the people between 3000 BC and 2000 BC.

After the eruption for many years, Santorini remained unoccupied because people didn’t have enough accurate information about the island at that time. But Santorini has such an unmistakable beauty, and for that reason, people started claiming their stake in the island.

The people believe that in the 13thcentury, this island was renamed by the Latin emperor, Saint Irene as Santorini. Before this renaming process, the island was often referred to as Kalliste, and the meaning of that word is “the most beautiful one”.

In all of the European locations, Santorini is the only one along with Amalfi which has a very warm and desert-like climate. From April to October, the season is very dry and warm, and then from November to March, the weather starts becoming a bit colder because of frequent rains.

santorinia aegean

If you are looking at this island from the top, i.e. from the air, Oia is situated at the left tip of the island, Fira is located near the middle, and all of the remaining beach towns are situated along the far side of the island.

In the year 1956, there was a major earthquake in this region and most of the buildings on the island were destroyed at that time. The soil became very unstable and was unable to hold up.

The tourists helped economically at that time to overcome this situation. What remains unchanged is that Santorini is one of the most wonderful islands in the whole world. If you want to experience the magnificent beauty of an island, then you must visit Santorini once in your lifetime.

Here are some interesting facts about Santorini:

  1. Monastery of Profitlis is landmark architecture in Santorini. It was built in the Ottoman era. You can get a magnificent view of the entire island from this place.
  2. In Santorini, you can find lots of pumice quarry. At one time pumice was a significant source of income for this island.
  3. This island was almost completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 1500 BC. This eruption is known as “the eruption of the Strongoli Volcano”.
  4. Before the volcanic eruption this island was known by the name “Strongoli”.
  5. This volcanic eruption was so strong that it left a huge crater in the middle of the island. This crater is named “the Caldera”.

So this was all about Santorini. Now you know everything about Santorini, so plan your vacation accordingly and book your accommodation in our luxury hotel in Santorini!

santorini red beach
Santorini Red Beach

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