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Things to do in Santorini

Things to do in Santorini

The best vacation in Santorini

We are always busy with the grinding of this competitive world to sustain ourselves. There is hardly a moment in our lives nowadays where we can just sit back and relax with our family let alone having some time for ourselves where we can pursue our interests and our hobbies.

The point is that we have become so much engulfed in our daily workload and mayhem that we have forgotten to give ourselves something very important for our mind and body. That is a break. We all need a break from our daily mundane lives so that we can get back our fresh perspective on everything.

And we all know that the best way to give ourselves a break is to go on a vacation. A vacation is more preferred than just a home break because it freshens our senses and rejuvenates the energy in us for leading our lives again. And if you want the best vacation, then there is no other place better than Santorini to have your vacation in.

Santorini is one of the most breathtaking and picturesque locations in the whole world to have your vacation in. The place is quiet and beautiful and is perfect for family or solo trips and even for hiking adventures. Just get out there and have the time of your lives.

What to do in Santorini?

So you might have made up your mind about going to Santorini but your preparation is not complete yet. And we are not talking about your packings and where to stay at, there are numerous premium quality options available that can guarantee a comfortable stay for your vacation. So you need a list to get started on your vacation in Santorini.

Don’t be worried, this is a fun list or to be more clear, the list of fun things to do in Santorini. Wherever you go on a vacation, you need to be aware of all the things you need to do for having the most out of your trip. So the following list will provide you with all the necessary information about the what to do in Santorini on your precious vacation.

So the given below list is an overview of the fun things that you can do in Santorini but remember that they are not the finite number and there are numerous ways to enjoy your vacation and many activities to do. So don’t be limited by the given list, but also try to check out all the activities mentioned as they are all amazing and an integral part of the Santorini experience.

Things to do in Santorini

So you are ready to take a trip to Santorini, then take a read through the next part of the article to know about the best things to do in Santorini while on your vacation. Follow through the list:

Photography tour

photography tour santorini

This is a very common tour and is easily available. This tour will take you through the most picturesque locations through all of Santorini. So it will be a feast for the hidden photographer in you as your hands will get tired with all the photography but the locations will never cease to stop. This is one of the most popular tours in Santorini and is always preferred by a large group of tourists. So if you are in Santorini don’t miss the chance to get on photography and capture some phenomenal memories of the trip.

Fishing tour

This is another major attraction of the Santorini. Spend the entire day sailing on the beautiful waters of Santorini on local fishermen’s boats and take part in their daily catch. The food is served on the boat made from the fresh catch, so get ready for a feast of the senses. You can either opt for the day tour or the evening. The catch and food are the freshest in the day tour while the perfect photography opportunities are presented to you on the evening tour. This is the best option for you if you want to try out the freshly made local cuisine and exotic seafood that is freshly prepared.

Santorini sightseeing

This is a private sightseeing tour conducted by a professional tour guide. If you are just mesmerized by the scenic beauty and the rich local history of Santorini, then this is the place to be. This tour takes you sightseeing in the most exotic locations of the whole island and also brings you face to face with the beautiful and historically rich villages and ancient ruins. Get on this tour without fail as Santorini’s experience remains incomplete without the famed sightseeing tour it offers.

Caldera boat tour

caldera view santorini

This is a slightly different boat tour and offers a range of activities to go through like getting to the volcano, swimming in the hot springs and visiting the beaches to get the full Santorini experience. Sailing through the beautiful blue waters of the Caldera has its mesmerizing effect and you get to see the true scenic beauty of the Santorini.

Catamaran luxury cruise

catamaran touring santorini

This is a luxury cruise with professional dining and partying experience and you do not have to worry about sharing the party with some strangers as the party is done only with small groups of people, so you get ample time to socialize with others. Also, do not forget about the luxury swimming pools and you get enough time to swim and party with others on the cruise. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime offer.

Wine tasting tour

wine tour santorini

This is a tour of the finest wineries of Santorini, so get along if you want to get a taste of the finest wines locally made in Santorini. It’s a small group tour so you do not have to feel uncomfortable. Hence, you get the best experience of Santorini wineries.


So we have covered the major activities that you can try out while visiting Santorini. But don’t be limited by them. There are numerous things to do and see at the Santorini, hence you can always find something to enjoy and make the vacation a memorable one. Book now your best hotel in Santorini and enjoy your awesome holidays in our island!

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