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Santorini vs Mykonos: Where to go?

Santorini vs Mykonos: Where to go?

The perfect vacation

Everyone needs a vacation and we are no exception. The world is getting more and more competitive every day and as a result, the pressure on us is increasing to deliver the work that is expected of us. Our daily lives get mundane and stressful very quickly. Both our bodies and mind require rest and some kind of rejuvenation to keep up their health.
So the best way to take a break is to go on a vacation.

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A vacation is just not for leisure but a very important aspect for keeping up the physical health and the mental health of a person. And so we should always plan and schedule the most perfect vacation for ourselves to energize the mind and the body which is very necessary for us to keep up our works and we can even improve our performance.

Now when it comes to vacations, everyone needs to choose the perfect place. And if we take into the stressful nature of our present work scenario, then the most preferable locations are the ones that offer us exceptional scenic beauty and a sense of calmness to our minds. So, statistically speaking two such locations fit the bill perfectly. They are Santorini and Mykonos. Before you continue your article reading, check out our brand new luxury hotel in Santorini, just 5’ from the center of Fira!

Santorini vs Mykonos

It’s very good that we have two exotic vacation spots for forgetting our worries and enjoying our stay. Both the locations are beautiful and each has its charm, but there are a few differences. However, there is nothing you need to worry about as wherever you go it cannot be a bad choice. But still, we need to make an informed decision so we come to the biggest question that is Santorini vs Mykonos.

As we said each place has its beauty and charm to offer, but we have to make a decision so given below are the various aspects of both these destinations and what they have to offer you as a tourist. Keep going through them and at the end of the article, hopefully, you can make an informed decision regarding what will be your next holiday destination.

The various aspects of both Santorini and Mykonos are listed below:


1. Incredible picturesque views

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Surrounded by the Caldera and volcano the Santorini is famous for its numerous picturesque locations and many spots that are perfect for taking pictures worth posting on Instagram. There are numerous scattered villages and ancient ruins and places to visit that will keep you occupied for the whole vacation and you are never going to run out of things to do in Santorini. The best time to visit Santorini and explore all the goods with the crowd, is at June or September!

2. Swimming and beaches

Santorini has numerous beaches and the clear blue water of the oceans provides for the most exotic swimming opportunities for the tourists. The weather is perfect for enjoying swimming in the sea and taking long walks along the sandy beaches with your loved ones. The calmness can fully relax you and that is Santorini at its best.

3. Delicious foods

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Santorini has several restaurants and hotels and numerous places that offer a variety of seafood and many other delicacies. The food available in Santorini is always fresh and delicious, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick from eating the rich food and exotic seafood. If you are a food lover, then this is the ultimate haven for your taste buds.

4. Romantic and secluded nature, but fewer kids’ attractions

There are numerous locations to explore and various secluded locations for visiting. These locations are very much preferable for families or couples, but there are very few things to do when it comes to kid’s activities as there is practically nothing to keep the attention of the kids occupied. So if you have kids with you on the trip, then they will be bored.

5. Easily accessible through numerous flights

There are numerous and daily flights available from Athens that makes the trips very quick and hassle-free. There are frequent flights available from Athens and all over western Europe, so traveling to the destination is practically very easy and you get numerous opportunities to get on a flight.


1. Fewer picturesque locations


The island of Mykonos is very beautiful, but there are fewer picturesque locations as compared to Santorini. So you will get a considerably lesser number of picture-perfect moments and lesser things to post on your Instagram account.

2. Very rich nightlife

This is an island that is filled with bars and nightclubs so there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of the island. The opportunities are very high for extreme partying and night long enjoyment. So if you are a party animal, then Mykonos is the place to be on your next vacation.

3. Few day tours are available and lesser activities

Unlike Santorini, there are lesser things to explore on the island during the day and as a result, there are very few activities to keep you occupied during the daytime. Also, there are fewer day tours available for different places on the island. So the chances are pretty high that you won’t find enough to keep you occupied for the entire trip.

4. Frequent flights from Athens

Like Santorini, this island also has numerous flights available from Athens that ease the accessibility of the island. Also, there are frequent and almost daily flights from all over western Europe. This makes the island very highly accessible from different locations in the world.

5. Family-friendly, but lesser kid’s attractions

There are locations to visit and enjoy with families or even more preferable for couples as there are some romantic spots. But the downside is that there is almost nothing to keep the children occupied and hence if you are accompanied by any kids then they will have no activity to indulge in and will be bored very soon.

So we have gone over the different features that every location has to offer for you. Now you are the master of yourself and you know what you want for your vacation, so you can analyze both the locations and determine the best one for your next vacation.

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